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Residential Electrician Humble, TX

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When it comes to hiring a residential electrician, it’s important to find someone with experience, as well as a trusted reputation.

At A Phase Electric, we offer over 20 years of electrical experience and skill to homes in need. We understand the importance of getting a specialized service from a technician you can trust. That is why we have made it our mission to be the most trusted residential electrician.

We believe in putting our customers first and making sure that their homes are completely safe and as energy-efficient as possible. With our extensive electrical knowledge and experience, we have everything you need in an electrician.


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Our Residential Electrical Services

All of our electricians are highly trained in a wide variety of electrical services. If you are looking for a reliable residential electrician, you can trust A Phase Electric to get the job done right.

Residential Electrician Humble, TX
  • Electrical Repairs
  • At A Phase, we take your home’s electrical functionality and safety very seriously. Our licensed electricians work extremely hard to give every single one of our customers the most reliable and efficient electrical repair services available. If you have the need for an electrical repair, our skilled electrical technicians are standing by for your call and ready to take on the job!

  • 24 Hour Emergency Electrician Services
  • We completely understand that the need for an electrical service isn’t always timely. Electrical malfunctions and hazards can occur at any time, day or night. No matter the time, our customers can completely rely on our electrical team for 24-hour emergency electrical services all year long. Don’t wait for safety hazards to arise, call us now at: 832-990-4248!

  • Breaker Box Repair & Replacement
  • Your breaker box is your home’s all-in-one electrical control system. When your breaker box isn’t performing properly, your whole home is put at risk of electrical hazards and malfunction. It’s important that defective or outdated breaker boxes be addressed/replaced promptly to avoid any electrical dangers or further complications.

  • Ceiling fan Installations
  • Installing a ceiling fan can even help your AC system keep your home’s temperatures cool and regulated without excessive energy use. Although there are many individuals who try to tackle a ceiling fan installation independently, electrical installations (of any kind) should only be performed by professionals to ensure optimal performance and safety. If you are interested in a ceiling fan installation for your home, we can help!

  • Lighting Upgrades
  • The importance of proper and energy-efficient lighting throughout our day to day lives goes without saying, we all need it. If your home could use a lighting upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive experience in lighting installations and improvement will not only brighten up your everyday life but also help you save on energy use as well.

  • Electrical Saftey inspections
  • Electrical safety inspections are extremely important for homeowners. Our home is our sanctuary and it's crucial that we keep it safe and properly supplied with secure/safe electricity at all times. Our licensed electricians can assess your home’s electrical health and provide you with the best recommendations, maintenance, and repairs available. Don’t spend your time waiting for electrical disasters to strike, call us today to ensure the safety of your home.

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With our extensive experience, we are confident in our ability to solve any of your residential electrical needs.

At A Phase Electric, we believe in getting the job done right the first time every time so that our customers can always rely on safe and efficient use of their electrical systems. Give us a call today at 832-990-4248 to discover what our electricians can do for you!

Residential Electrician FAQs

1When is it time to call a Residential electrician?

It may be time for you to call an electrician if:

  • You find yourself having to reset your breaker box often.
  • Experience electrical burning smells around your home.
  • You turn on large appliances and your lights begin to dim or flicker.
  • You have to run extension cords to plug in electrical devices.
  • You move into an older home and have concerns about dated electrical systems.
2Why is my breaker box making a buzzing/humming noise?

Buzzing or humming noises coming from your breaker box may indicate a defective system. When this happens, it’s best to get in contact with an electrician quickly and have the system replaced to prevent further harm to electrical components.

3What parts of my home should be GFCI protected?

GFCI equipment should be installed in all wet locations of your home, including garages, around sinks, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

4What is whole home surge protection?

In today’s world, consumers use more and more electronics and appliances every year. That being said, when power surges and spikes occur, our homes are susceptible to more damage than ever before.

Whole home surge protectors work similarly to individual power bars (which offer electrical component protection for isolated appliances). The only difference is that whole-home surge protectors provide protection on a much larger scale, saving all of your appliances, large or small from surge damage.

5How can I prevent Electrical Fires?

Electrical fires are always a huge concern. The best way to protect your home and family from a fire disaster is to have a licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection of your home to locate and repair any malfunctions.

It is also important to upgrade your electrical equipment when recommended.