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When hiring someone for an electrical repair or troubleshooting, quality matters!

Your home’s electrical work is at the heart of nearly everything you do in your day to day life. From watching tv, washing your clothes, keeping your food cold, to even simply turning on the lights to see where you are going. Electricity is a very important resource, best used with care.

Yes, electricity is a big deal, and by that, we simply mean that it is a vital (and potentially dangerous) resource that needs to be handled with caution and expertise. Even small mistakes in electrical work or electrical repairs can result in catastrophic life-threatening disasters.


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Signs You Need Electrical Repair Services

There are a few common signs that may point to the need for electrical repair services, such as:

  • Reoccuring Blown Fuses: Blowing a fuse in your home every once in a while typically isn’t reason enough for major concern. However, if the issue is recurring often, you may need an electrical repair. Recurring blown fuses may indicate an outdated panel or even exposed electrical wires.

  • Lighting Problems: If you are noticing a recurring dimming or flickering of lights in your home, this may also indicate the need for electrical repairs or lighting upgrades.

  • Strange Buzzing Sounds: Strange buzzing noises coming from your electrical devices or outlets could mean you have loose wiring in your circuit box. These scenarios should only be inspected and tested by a licensed electrician because they are dangerous and can cause severe injury.

  • Burning Odors: Burning odors in your home could mean there is a problem with your wiring. When this happens, your house is put at a serious risk of fire. It’s important not to allow signs like these to go unattended. Although electricity is an amazing resource, it comes with a lot of potential risk factors as well.

The Basics of Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Repair

Safety is number one! It is extremely important that all of your home’s electrical repair needs are met properly and all of your electrical systems remain current, up to code and consistently uphold optimal safety standards, such as OSHA compliance. Electrical safety is always our main concern, the simple act of supplying electricity is easy, but efficiently directing and safely containing it requires an experienced electrician.

At A Phase Electric, we will check, test, and perform electrical repairs for all aspects of your home’s electrical system, including but not limited to;

  • Breaker Boxes
  • Control Circuits
  • Electrical Grounding
  • Weather Rated Outdoor Outlets
  • Loose or Non-Functional Devices
  • Surge Protection Analysis
  • Requirements of GFCI and AFCI Protection
  • General Power Distribution
  • Quality of Power Supply
  • All Aspects of Lighting Circuitry
  • Location and Functionality of Smoke Detectors, and much more!

Electrician Services You can Always Count on!

With 20 years of valuable experience, we have what it takes to get your system up and running, safer and more efficient than ever before. If your home is in need of electrical repair services, don’t hesitate, call A Phase Electric Today at 832-990-4248

With our master electrician, we can come out to your residence or business, perform a complete electrical system evaluation and then perform any necessary electrical repairs. Avoid any dangerous DIY electrical repairs and let the professionals get your electrical system up to code and in proper working order.