Breaker Box Repair

Breaker Box Repair Humble, TX

Your breaker box (also known as, panelboard, breaker panel, electrical panels, circuit breakers, or distribution board) is essentially your home's central nervous system for all things electricity.

Think you may need a breaker box repair or replacement?

Electrical panels are the equipment through which electricity enters your home and gets rerouted and redistributed to subsidiary circuits.

This is how the electricity coming into your home is organized and sent out to all of your outlets and light fixtures.

It is important to keep your breaker box in optimal condition, as it is the brain that keeps your home’s lights, electronics, and appliances all up and running properly, continuously, and at the flick of a switch.


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Knowing When You Need a Breaker Box Repair

Breaker panel malfunctions are a big deal and need to be addressed immediately for safety and efficiency purposes. Outdated or broken breaker panels are major fire hazards, along with the potential to cause many other serious problems if unattended.

Common Signs You May Need a breaker box Repair:

  • Rust
  • Licensed electrician performing breaker box repair
  • Discoloring
  • A reoccurring tripped breaker
  • Breaker shuts down upon plugging in or turning on an appliance
  • You notice burn spots around your breaker panel
  • If you have an old home with a dated panel set up
  • Burning smells coming from your circuit breakers
  • Power surges and flickering lights
  • Appliances or electronics overheating quickly
  • Melted wires within your electrical panels

Our Breaker Box Inspection Process

When you call us for a circuit breaker repair and/or evaluation, we go through a thorough process of electrical troubleshooting any and every aspect of the electrical system within your home. This gives us the ability to access all of your electrical service needs and provide you with the safest and most efficient solutions possible.

At A Phase Electric, we pride ourselves in the attention to detail we offer with our master electrician services. When choosing an electrician to come into your home for electrical work, it’s important to employ a company with experience and extensive industry knowledge. After all, this is your home we are talking about.

Wiring and visible electric current from a breaker box

Some of Our Circuit Breaker Repair Process May Include:

  • AFCI Protection: Also known as (Arc fault circuit interrupters) Arc faults are when electricity jumps from electrical wiring and can cause fires. AFCI’s offer advanced fire protection by detecting Arc fault hazards and disconnecting power before a fire can start.

  • Troubleshooting of Circuit Breakers: Our Circuit troubleshooting process gives us a complete assessment of your breaker panel/electrical conditions. Once we have completed our thorough troubleshooting assessment, we can then eliminate all possible threats and malfunctions with breaker box repair services or a replacement.

  • And Simply Updating the Panel: Oftentimes, old homes have outdated and hazardous electrical panel set-ups that need a complete replacement/upgrade.

Breaker Box Replacement

Upgrading an outdated or malfunctioning electrical system like your circuit breaker panel is probably one of the best options for bringing safety and efficiency into your home's electrical system. More often than not, electrical panels are simply outdated, unsafely installed, poorly manufactured, or, for lack of a better term, broken.

Breaker Box Repair Services

For Example: If your home was built between 1950 and 1990 with a Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) breaker panel that uses Stab-Loc circuit breakers, you absolutely need a replacement and are at high risk of a breaker malfunction and fire.

Multiple tests have been done over the years on the Federal Pacific Electric panels that prove (one in four) Stab-Lok circuit breakers are defective and will not properly trip when needed. An estimated 2,800 fire disasters are caused each year due to these dangerous and poorly manufactured breaker panels. If your home is in fact equipped with one of these electrical systems, call us immediately for an upgrade!

  • The latest, safest, and most efficient circuit breaker equipment
  • Home surge protection with any panel upgrade
  • A 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • A 5-year labor warranty

Quality Electrical Services

If you need a breaker box repair or replacement, contact us today! With 20 years of valuable experience, we have what it takes to get your system up and running, safer, and more efficient than ever before.

Breaker Box Repair & Replacement FAQs

1What is the lifespan of circuit breakers?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a breaker panel's average lifespan is typically between 30-40 years.

Being that breaker panels are made up of electrical components, depending on where you live, atmospheric conditions (such as humidity) may affect/shorten the lifespan of your breaker panel.

2How will I know when to replace it?

Here are some common signs it may be time to replace your electrical panel:

Circuit Breakers Needing a Replacement
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • You have an older home with an outdated electrical system
  • You've seen wiring that appears melted or heavily worn
  • You hear strange noises coming from your electrical panel
  • Frequently flickering/dimming lights
  • Power surges when powering on certain appliances
  • Frequently overheating appliances

These are just a few of the most common examples. For the best recommendations, contact A Phase Electric today for a professional inspection and troubleshoot.

3Why do my circuit breakers trip when using an appliance?

If you experience power trips when using specific appliances, your breaker box is likely overloaded and struggling to keep up.

Outdated breaker panels are not equipped to handle today's modern voltage needs. Having a licensed electrician inspect and troubleshoot your electrical system will help determine the cause and the best course of action for your electrical panel.

4My home's lights seem to dim and flicker quite frequently. Is this normal?


Light Bulb

If your home's lights are frequently dimming and/or flickering, there may be issues like:

  • Lose light bulbs/plugs
  • A faulty fixture or switch
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Or, an outdated electrical system
5Why does my circuit breaker panel feel hot?

The most common reasons breaker boxes become overheated include:

  • Your breaker panel is at its limit for electrical current and may need to be upgraded to handle your home's electrical needs better.
  • Your breaker panel has gone bad and needs to be replaced.

Side Note: A hot breaker panel accompanied by flickering lights often indicates a bad breaker.

It is also important to understand that these kinds of problems are prevalent in faulty brands like the Federal Pacific Stab-Lok breakers and will need a quick replacement to prevent more severe problems.

If your breaker box is getting hot and/or your home has a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok breaker, call our emergency electrician today to avoid life-threatening danger and damages to your home.

6How do I know if my breaker is outdated and in need of replacement?

Breaker boxes need to be replaced roughly every 30 years or so.

If you've lived in your home for over 20 years or just moved into an existing home, you should have your electrical system inspected to determine whether it's time to replace your breaker or any other electrical components.

Common signs of an outdated breaker box include:

  • Burn marks
  • Strange noises coming from your breaker
  • Burning smells or the smell of melting plastic
  • If you have a Federal Pacific Stab-Lok breaker
  • Your breaker is designed to provide 60-100amp, whereas today’s homes need at least 200amp servicing capabilities.
7Can I replace my circuit breaker panel on my own?

Attempting to replace a breaker box yourself is incredibly dangerous. The process alone is complicated, and even the smallest mistake could result in severe injury and even death.

You must have your breaker box replaced by a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of your home, yourself, and your family.

8How often should my electrical panel be inspected?

Although it is usually recommended to have your home's electrical system inspected once every 3-5 years, it all depends on your home's age and how much voltage you are tasking your electrical system with supplying.

For more details on how often you need to have your home's breaker panel inspected, give our electrician a call today!

9How do you reset your main breaker?

How to reset your main breaker step by step:

Circuit Breakers
  • Locate the breaker panel within your home and turn off each breaker switch one by one
  • Next, locate your main breaker (the main breaker will be outside near your electric meter)
  • To reset your main breaker (avoid touching your electric meter) and flip the main switch off and back on two times, leaving it in the on position when complete.
  • Lastly, return to the breaker panel within your home and flip all of the breaker switches back on.
  • These simple steps should completely reset your home's electrical system and return your power supply.
  • If your home's power doesn't return to normal, give A Phase Electric a call, as this may be a job for an emergency electrician!
  • 10How should I care for my home's electrical system?
    The best way to care for your home's electrical system is by having a licensed electrician perform a complete inspection as recommended and replacing or upgrading components when advised.